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A Project with Specific Objectives

The client is one of the major heavy industrial manufacturers in Japan. They manufacture heavy equipment, aerospace, and other equipment. They have over 36,000+ employees working across different regions like Asia, Europe, and North America.

The client wanted to build SAP S4/HANA side-by-side extensibility in SAP’s Business Application Studio (BAS). The objective was to enable users to upload their excel sheets from their PC to the Fiori app and make the results of the mass updates easily visible on the app. They wanted to use the Call API service to pass the uploaded data to S/4 Cloud and SAP Cloud SDK to call S/4 Cloud API.

How Sapours Enabled the Digital Transformation Journey

Given our vast experience in implementing SAP solutions, Sapours was chosen to work on this complex problem. The Sapours team undertook the following tasks:

  • Developing a custom multi-lingual application based on the SAP worklist template and creating master data using SAP’s S/4 SDK API
  • Setting up a custom error-handling functionality to help the client manage errors in a better way
  • Enabling the batch processing of data to optimize its performance
  • Facilitating quick and safe master data creation and uploading
  • Building reusable components for similar data uploads
  • Ensuring that the application is easily accessible on mobile


The work done by Sapours enabled the customer to identify the potential benefits of a scalable platform to automate and transform. It marked the beginning of a digital transformation and automation journey.

The custom-built app was fast and secure, easily accessible, and processed data in batches that helped in optimizing its performance. It was built as a multilingual app to make it accessible for people working across different geographical locations.