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About The Client

The client is a Middle East Government working in collaboration with a leading local system integrating (SI) partner in the region.

The Objective

As a forward-thinking government organization, the client and its 35+ Federal ministries wanted a single G2C (Government to Citizen) Portal that would cater to all citizens' needs. The objective was to enable the citizens to raise service requests, inquiries, and complaints and notify and update them about online surveys. They collaborated with a leading local SI partner in the region. Since the project needed deep expertise and experience in the SAP CX platform, the SI Partner partnered with Sapours to complete this project.

Sapours Partnership

The solution needed several complex integrations with multiple systems and other applications in the technology stack. We helped the customer:

  • Customize the existing B2C accelerators and responsive websites in English and Arabic to facilitate citizens to raise requests and interact with different Government entities without hassles.
  • Create a Smart Pass integration for a single sign-on system. We built a single-view service dashboard to help customers raise service requests from various systems and check and view the complaint status.
  • Integrate the website with SAP CRM to create, update, and view service requests. We also enabled real-time notifications to notify citizens about service request changes.
  • Leverage the power of SAP Marketing to analyze and categorize the citizen interactions on various social media platforms.

The client took a phased approach to the project and rolled it out to 46 groupings in total.


  • The one-stop citizen website provided an end-to-end service to citizens that allowed them to raise, track, and receive a solution to all their requests and inquiries without any friction. It bridged the gap between the various Government entities and the citizens.
  • The website soon saw a massive increase in click rates as citizens could raise requests for all types of Government-related services in one place. It led to citizen satisfaction and quick closure of service requests.
  • The platform is evolving and reaching out to more citizens and the addition of more government entities.

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