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About The Client

The client is one of India’s largest manufacturers of vehicle-mounted fire-fighting pumps. The company has been in operation for the past 40 years. Today, it serves customers in over 35 countries worldwide.

Business Challenge

As one of India’s largest fire-fighting pump manufacturers, the company wanted to improve its sales process and close more deals. However, they were facing a few challenges such as:

  • A fragmented sales process.
  • Lack of a centralized system to capture and maintain all customer and prospect information.
  • Difficulty in generating accurate sales quotes.
  • Delays in sending quotations to customers and keeping track of those.

The company had implemented Salesforce CRM. Despite that, their sales team had a hard time managing prospects, sending quotes, and converting them into customers. They spent a significant amount of time on manual tasks. The company wanted to accelerate and streamline the sales process and improve the sales team’s productivity.

The Sapours Value-Add

Sapours has been an Annual Maintenance Contract partner for the company.

As Salesforce consulting experts, we have helped several companies build a seamless sales experience, boost sales productivity, and close deals faster. We leveraged that experience to discover the gaps in the existing system, identify areas of improvement, and implement best practices to improve the overall sales process.

Here are the areas we helped the client with -

  • Discovery and roadmap definition: We studied the company’s existing processes and identified gaps that hindered the sales team from closing sales quickly. Additionally, we suggested new functionalities and offered tailored Salesforce solutions aligned with their specific business requirements. We suggested taking a phased approach to implementing the new solutions and recommended focusing on the low-hanging fruits first. We reviewed and optimized the codes and implemented governance for ticket management to standardize it.
  • Optimized Sales Cloud with best practices: We implemented a few best practices like standardizing ticket management processes, enabling efficient monitoring, and implementing improvements to expedite the sales process. These best practices enabled the client to boost its sales process efficiency.
  • Configured comprehensive sales lifecycle: We configured Sales Cloud to streamline the end-to-end sales lifecycle. This enabled the client to streamline critical tasks such as campaign management, lead and opportunity tracking, order and invoicing processes, and quote generation.
  • Sales pipeline customization: We understood the different business categories and designed a customized sales pipeline that catered to the unique requirements of each category. This helped the sales team to take a more laser-sharp approach to managing leads and opportunities and improve overall sales effectiveness.
  • Standardized dashboards and reports: We empowered the company's sales team with standardized reports and dashboards. These reports and dashboards presented the consolidated sales metrics in a visually intuitive manner. This provided real-time insights into sales performance and helped the sales team make proactive and data-driven sales strategies.
  • Seamless Gmail integration: We integrated Gmail with Salesforce to consolidate all email communications within the CRM and ensure that the sales team had access to all the vital information related to prospects and customers in a centralized location.


With the support from the Sapours team, the client witnessed the following changes in their sales process:

  • Automated sales processes: The workflows and process builders have standardized the sales process and reduced inconsistencies.
  • Ease of use: Since the campaign management and sales pipeline were configured, the sales team now doesn’t need to spend too much time creating quotes and sales orders. The entire process has been automated and made easy to use.
  • Accelerated task completion: The sales team can immediately create quotes and sales orders immediately and offer all relevant information to customers through a mobile app built for them.
  • Process improvement: Overall, the client has witnessed an improvement in the sales process by implementing and maintaining one Sales Cloud solution that automates and streamlines end-to-end sales.

As an Annual Maintenance Contract Partner for the client, Sapours is focused on continuously helping the company enhance the existing implementation, adopt industry best practices, implement new modules and upgrades, and ensure that the CRM works without any problems and delivers the desired ROI.