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About The Client

The client is a leading real estate developer in India. They were recognized as India’s Greenest Real Estate Developer by the IGBC Green Homes rating system. The client also has the highest number of projects with platinum green pre-certification in India.

Business Need

As a leading real estate developer, the client wanted to provide a smooth experience for customers across the entire sales lifecycle.

They wanted to reduce the manual tasks and inconsistencies involved in the pre-sales, sales, and after-sales processes and monitor the customer’s progress at every stage of the sales funnel to provide a consistent experience to customers and close deals faster.

They wanted a solution that would allow their sales representative to focus on providing a better user experience and superior quality of service to the customer at every stage of the lifecycle instead of spending time on manual tasks.

All this meant that the client had to automate and standardise their existing sales and services processes.

As a recognized Salesforce implementation partner, Sapours has used its Salesforce CRM expertise to build unified digital sales experiences for companies across various industries. Given our proven track record, the client partnered with us to automate their sales and services processes.

The Sapours Solution

After thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements, we used Salesforce automation to automate and streamline the sales and services processes.

Here are a few solutions we offered the client:

  • Salesforce configuration: We started by configuring Salesforce’s lead management functionalities to help the client capture and nurture leads and convert them into sales. We also leveraged Salesforce’s opportunity and quotation features to automate pricing rules, discounts, and promotions and enhance the sales process.
  • Activity management: Since the sales representatives at the client’s end need to interact with several prospects and customers, we implemented Salesforce’s Activity Management. This would help the client track interactions and manage the productivity of sales representatives effectively.
  • Business process automation: Real estate sales is a complex process. We advised the client to automate the business process to eliminate manual tasks, reduce errors, and provide a consistent experience to customers. We recommended using Salesforce Process Builder and Flow to automate the processes and control the actions using the If/Then logic.
  • Community Portal: We built a community portal to help the client improve customer engagement and offer a better user experience.

Besides the above, here are a few value-add solutions we delivered to the client:

  • We helped the client improve their sales forecast and achieve sales targets.
  • We customized the sales stages with the client's specific business categories to tailor the sales processes and meet the unique needs and requirements of each product or service category.
  • We integrated Salesforce with Gmail to manage client interactions in a centralized location and track the interactions without any hassles.
  • We built surveys to allow the client to collect customer feedback and improve their sales and service processes.
  • We also configured the Salesforce mobile app to help the representatives access and manage sales activities from anywhere, anytime, by using a mobile app.


Here are a few changes the client witnessed after we implemented Salesforce automation:

  • The client was able to manage their sales and services processes efficiently as they got better visibility of leads and sales data.
  • The workflow and process builder helped in automating the sales and services processes.
  • The automation helped route the leads to sales representatives and allowed them to close sales deals.
  • Value-adds like the Salesforce mobile app and Gmail integration helped the sales representative close deals faster.

The digitization of sales and service processes helped the client’s sales representatives focus on closing sales deals and offering services post-sales instead of spending time on administrative and manual tasks.