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About The Client

The client is one of the largest US-based developers and manufacturers of high-performance gears and PC accessories for gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts. They served customers across the US and Canada.

Business Need

To keep pace with changing customer needs, the client wanted to upgrade their eCommerce website and make the following changes:

  • Enable bundled product offering: They wanted to include the product bundle functionality to create new features for the existing products and cross-sell more products.
  • Integrate with the Third-Party site: To expand their customer reach, the client wanted to integrate the bundling option on a third-party website, a platform selling consumer technology products. They also wanted to implement a voucher system and electronic Product or Service Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) functionality on the Elgato website to offer customers special discounts and efficiently manage inventory.
  • Add new payment options: To cater to international customers and boost sales, the client wanted to configure the Klarna Payment option, allowing them to accept credit card payments from multiple countries.
  • Performance and process improvements: The client wanted to implement various process improvements to enhance website performance and provide a seamless customer experience.

The Sapours Approach and Solution

Acknowledging the deep and vast experience of Sapours in implementing SAP Hybris Commerce solutions to enhance eCommerce portals, the client onboarded us as the technology partner.

The Sapours team of 15 experts was involved in the following initiatives -

  • Enhanced the existing site: We boosted the site’s efficiency by implementing SAP Commerce Cloud, which supports the end-to-end functionality of bundle products and integrated all workflows and configurations to display the bundled products on the website.
  • New service SKU and payment method Klarna integration: We introduced a new service SKU to facilitate easy tracking and management of new services and integrated Klarna as an additional payment option to improve customer convenience and drive international sales.
  • Quick import and export of Service SKUs and bundle products: We made it easier for administrators to update and modify SKUs by introducing a new feature that allows quick import and export of service SKUs and bundled products.
  • Developed new functionalities for the business and product teams: Our team implemented various other functionalities to empower the business and product teams to manage bundle product data efficiently. These functionalities included:
    • Order Integration Improvements: The integration was done to help the client automate the order management process and have better control over the order processing and delivery.
    • Good Tag Manager (GTM) integration for commerce scenarios: We integrated GTM with the website to help the client add or edit tracking tags to the website and track various commerce scenarios or interactions on the website.
    • New UI/UX for the B2C site: We improved the user interface and user experience of the B2C site to make it more user-friendly and engaging.


The implemented enhancements and support by Sapours team over a period of eight months led to several benefits for the client. The client witnessed the following benefits post-implementation:

  • Process improvement: The new product bundle functionality improved the process and boosted the client’s sales. It also offered customers more product details that helped them make informed decisions.
  • Improved planning: The client experienced improvements in various areas, including Klarna payment integration, return and cancellation processes, ERP integration for bundled products, and activating e-product/service SKUs with seamless data import from partners.
  • Better maintenance: The improved features enabled the business users and product teams to efficiently manage bundle product information, which saved their time and effort.
  • Improved performance: Since bundle product creation was a new feature, creating product bundles became easier.

The successful implementation of SAP Hybris Commerce helped the client expand its customer reach, cross-sell more bundled products, provide more payment options, and acquire new customers. The website changes contributed to boosting the client’s sales and market growth.