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About The Client

The client is a UAE-based retail giant providing high-quality consumer products at competitive prices. They operate in all three formats - Hypermarket, Supermarket, and Urban market, to provide daily provisions to the local communities.

Business Need

Since the client sold daily essential products, seamless order processing is extremely critical for them. They wanted to upgrade their website to improve the order processing rate and reduce the average site response time. To do that, they had the following objectives in mind:

  • Migrate from SAP Hybris 2005 to 2211: The client wanted to migrate their existing site from Hybris 2005 to 2211 to improve its security, performance, and functionalities and provide a better experience to customers.
  • Migrate major website components: Besides that, they also wanted to migrate the following components and perform unit testing and ensure smooth functioning. These components included:
    • Data hub middleware to facilitate data exchange between various updated systems.
    • Solr, a search engine in SAP Hybris that stores data and does its indexing to improve search capabilities on the site.
  • End-to-end integrations: To provide a full-fledged retail experience to customers, the client wanted to implement end-to-end integrations on their website. This included integrations, such as:
    • Payment gateway to improve and secure the transaction process.
    • Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) to integrate all systems and applications to facilitate communication between them, increase productivity, track data processing, and ensure agility in business.
    • They also wanted to integrate the site with the backend to streamline order management and refunds.
  • As an SAP Partner, Sapours has helped many clients upgrade their websites to SAP Hybris 2211 and improve operations. Thus, the client engaged Sapours for this project. The entire duration of the project was 11 weeks.

The Sapours Solution

After a thorough evaluation of the client needs and existing systems, our team of SAP experts implemented the following solutions:

  • Mobile application update
    We updated the client’s mobile application to make it compatible with the upgrades and support the API changes.
  • Setup of Order Management System(OMS)
    To enable the client to manipulate orders and refunds in the backend, we set up a new Order Management System(OMS). OMS helped the client view and manipulate the backend data, check placed and pending orders, manage and track refunds, and handle website operations efficiently.
  • Integration of New Solr Version with Hybris
    We upgraded from Solr Version 8.4 to Solr Version 8.11.2. We integrated it with Hybris to build advanced full-text search capabilities and optimize the website to manage high-volume traffic.
  • SAP Hybris Profile-driven Personalization
    Since the client wanted to improve engagement online, we enabled profile-driven personalization in the new Hybris website. This helped the client to personalize product recommendations and experiences based on customers’ purchase history and browsing patterns.
  • SmartEdit in Web Content Management System (WCMS)
    As the client added new products and offerings to their new Hybris site, we wanted to give them the power to add or edit new web pages and manage content easily. For this, we implemented SmartEdit in the new WCMS. This allowed the client to add or edit pages like landing pages, product pages, and category pages and even clone existing pages to create new versions – all without needing any deep technical expertise.
  • Promotion Rules Engine Upgrade
    Given the client’s business's dynamic nature, we upgraded the new Hybris site's rule engine to make it easy for the client to create, execute, and manage business rules. The aim was to enable the client to set rules to cross-sell or upsell products and increase sales and customer loyalty.


Here are a few changes the client witnessed after we upgraded the website to SAP Hybris 2211 and implemented end-to-end integrations:

  • 53% improvement in average processing
    Since we set up the new DataHub, the client saw a 53% improvement in data processing.
  • 30-40% improvement in search capabilities
    The client saw a 30-40% improvement in search capabilities after integrating Solr indexing with the new Hybris site.
  • Improvement in average response times
    The average response rate was reduced to 2 seconds, and the response time for site home pages came down to 2.3 seconds. This helped the client prevent customers from abandoning the site due to low response time.
  • A holistic view of customer data
    By upgrading the DataHub Middleware, we created a 360-degree view of customer data that helped the client understand the customers’ preferences and tailor recommendations to improve sales.
  • Faster planning, deployment, and testing
    We provided the client with an upgrade template so they could plan, deploy, and test new upgrades quickly in the future and keep pace with market changes.