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About The Client

The client is India’s third-largest luggage brand known for manufacturing luggage and accessories.

Business Need

The client wanted to integrate its existing SAP backend system with their Wondersoft Point of Sale (POS) system to ensure seamless operations. The objective behind integrating both systems was to provide a seamless connection between critical processes like sales, inventory, stock transfer, and payments.

They also wanted to synchronise the transactions between both systems and update the order status, inventory details, and other statuses in real-time. The aim was to maintain accuracy and consistency in transaction data.

The client wanted an experienced system integrator and SAP partner to integrate the systems. Due to our experience as SAP partners and system integrators, the client entrusted us with the project.


After a thorough understanding of the business needs, existing systems, and how the information flows between various systems, we implemented the following solutions:

  • Create and integrate the proxy of SAP PI version 7.4
    We created and integrated SAP PI version 7.4. This helped integrate the various business processes across different departments and ensure seamless data exchange between the systems.
  • Implement synchronous transaction management
    We implemented an end-to-end synchronous transaction management to ensure the transactions were completed successfully across various systems. This helped the client to maintain transaction integrity and accuracy.
  • Implement SAP R/3, ABAP with PI Proxies
    We used ABAP (a high-level programming language by SAP) and PI proxies to connect SAP R/3 (an Enterprise Resource Planning system) with other systems and applications. This helped the client easily send data from SAP R/3 to other systems and vice versa.
  • Implement third-party integration for POS
    We integrated the Wondersoft POS system with various third-party applications using APIs to facilitate data exchange with external systems, streamline operations, and provide a seamless experience to customers.

    We integrated the following systems to improve transactions and business operations:
    • SAP ECC and Wondersoft through SAP PI to facilitate real-time data integration between the systems.
    • PI Proxies to send and receive responses in a synchronized manner.
    • Token-based authentication during API integration to secure the connected applications.

Our experts could complete the integration for 12 APIs in just three months!

The Impact

Here are a few changes the client witnessed after we integrated the POS and SAP Backend system:

  • Improvement in operations
    We improved the client's operations by integrating the Daily sales, Closing / Opening stock, Products, Prices, Stock Transfers, and Incoming Payments from SAP with the Wondersoft POS.
  • Real-time insights
    The integration and synchronized data gave the client 360-degree real-time updates on new product availability at POS, inventory stock and prices, and the status of cancellations and updates. This saved the client’s time and effort in finding updated information and enabled them to make informed decisions to meet market demands.
  • Accurate transactions
    The integration improved the accuracy of the transactions, reduced errors, and helped uphold the integrity of transactions. It enabled the client to minimize the scope of financial losses and deepen customer trust.
  • Decrease in manual efforts
    The client no longer had to spend time and effort maintaining transactions' integrity across different systems. The flawless automated integration reduced the transaction maintenance to zero.