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About The Client

The client is an American multi-level marketing company that sells health and beauty products directly to customers worldwide.

Business Need

The client’s Indian arm used the B2C SAP Commerce solution to improve its eCommerce presence. However, they wanted to make a few enhancements and provide hypercare to ensure smooth functioning.

Besides that, they also wanted to focus more on core business processes like orders, billing, inventory, and stocks. They aimed to reduce order lead time and overall costs, streamline the inventory, manage stocks, products, and promotions, and improve gross margin.

As a trusted SAP partner and system integrator, we had the expertise and experience to enhance the B2C SAP Commerce solution. This encouraged the client to hand over the project to us.


After thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements and the business goals, the SAP experts at Sapours did the following:

  • Hybris Implementation
    Hybris offers end-to-end B2C eCommerce functionalities like order processing, logistics, inventory management, and product promotions. We implemented the standard functionalities of Hybris to improve B2C SAP Commerce.
  • Integration with Third-party Applications
    We integrated B2C SAP Commerce with third-party logistics and payment gateways to improve the order fulfillment process and ensure safe and flexible payment transactions.
  • Customized scenarios for specific business needs
    Since the client followed the multi-level marketing (MLM) model, we developed business-specific scenarios with SAP Commerce to meet their specific challenges and requirements. This helped the client manage their MLM-based business more efficiently.
  • Adoption and Implementation of Industry Best Practices
    To streamline the processes, we established best practices related to order management, promotions, and product costing, which were not followed earlier.
  • Process Improvement Roadmap
    We identified processes like product costing that were done manually, suggested improvements, and implemented them to optimize them.

A ten-member hypercare team completed the entire project. They offered 24/7 support to the clients over 3.5 months.


Here are a few changes the client witnessed after we enhanced the B2C SAP Commerce solution:

  • Improvement in processes: By automating manual product costing and applying the best practices of product promotion, we enhanced the overall processes. The client could also generate day-end reports like sales reports to check inventory and sales.
  • Transparency in order processing: We built a unified order management platform that gave all stakeholders a single view of the orders. Everybody could track the orders and the commissions earned. This transparency in the system enabled the client to settle stakeholders’ commissions faster and build a deeper connection with them.
  • Improvement in planning: The streamlined processes gave the client better visibility of their inventory, costing, stocks, and sales delivery and helped them plan better. This also enabled them to meet customer expectations efficiently.
  • Simplified maintenance: Since the client started relying on a single integrated system instead of multiple disparate ones with customization, they could improve the maintenance.
  • Increase in efficiency: The automated and optimized process helped the client reduce manual efforts by 15% and improve efficiency by 30%.