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Transform Your Business With Intelligent RPA Solutions (AI + RPA)

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Sapours is enabling RPA to handle repetitive, high-volume processes, to deliver profitability to organizations on their digital transformation journey.
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Sapours – The Bot People:

Digital Worker

Is RPA the ‘better half’ of us humans? Imagine a Digital Worker that never sleeps, never makes a mistake, and works ten times faster?
Intelligent RPA Solutions
The global robotic process automation market size is expected to reach USD 10.7 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 33.6% from 2020 to 2027.

* James Dening, VP and European RPA Evangelist at Automation Anywhere

Discover Sapours’ Bots

  • Today, we can build a ‘bot’ or digital worker that can perform mundane tasks and leave our skilled tech workforce to spend time on more value-added activities – all this in a substantially more efficient and cost-effective manner!
  • Automation Anywhere has designated Sapours as a Center of Excellence for RPA. We have pre-built a virtual army of over 80+ bots that accelerate the deployment of processes and scenarios. Our RPA design methodology focuses on the different user personas of and their unique needs.
  • We combine the power of AI with RPA to create bots that can ‘let humans be more human’*

RPA bots

We have a team of AA Certified Professionals with in-depth knowledge in different domains. This, coupled with our proven record of implementing diverse SAP projects across the globe, means that our bots have a unique flavor!


Accelerate automation

Accelerate automation with advanced process bots right out the box.

ready to deploy

Packaged, ready to deploy process functionality accelerates automation and reduces time to value from RPA initiatives

Ready to automate

Ready to automate business processes like Opportunity to Order, Order to Cash and Procure to Pay.

Prebuilt bots

Prebuilt bots are available for Sales (SD), Procurement (MM), Production (PP) Plant Maintenance (PM), Finance (Fl & CO) modules of SAP.

  • SAP Procure-to-Pay
  • Read and validate Excel files to get input record details
  • Create new PR, PO
  • Performs automatic receipt and invoicing of goods
  • Notify team members when tasks are complete
  • Automates entire procure to pay cycle
  • Fast, efficient AP processing whenever you need it
  • 100% accurate procurement processing
  • Reduced manual errors
RPA for billing or RPA for invoice

It takes strategy to turn your company’s vision into reality

  • SAP ECC to S/4 HANA Conversion
  • The S/4 Hana Migration Automation process involves the use of a Digital Worker designed to play 4 roles:
  • Digital Manager
  • Digital Administrator
  • Digital Tester
  • Digital Developer
  • Reduced timeline of the migration and save cost of the overall project
  • Focus human effort only on value-added tasks that drive transformation
GST filing bots
  • GST Filing Bot
  • The GSTR 1 Filing Bot functions by auto-pushing of data to GSTR portal.
  • GSTR 2A download and matching against ITC claim based on completely matched, incompletely matched and missing partner entries
  • Enables GSTR 3B Filing
  • Ensures timely compliance with tax filing deadlines
  • Reduces cost as less human resources are used
RPA for Finance or RPA for banking
  • Month-end Closing Bot
  • This digital worker is designed to process numerous financial transactions and set them sequentially in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Automates the entire month-end financial process
  • Improves the overall efficacy of the finance stakeholder group
  • Enables extreme automation, leaving minimal space for manual intervention

Industry Use Cases for Business Process Automation

Industry System Business Process Automation Use Cases
Energy & Utilities Oracle ERP
  • Bank reconciliation process
  • PO and non-PO invoice processing
  • Utility bills: Monthly bills from vendors like telecom bills
  • Issuing NOC for parking card to tenant
  • HR payroll reconciliation
  • Manual reconciliation
  • CFO reconciliation
  • Direct cash flow
  • New material code creation
  • Travel expense process automation
  • Payroll process automation
  • GSTR filing process automation
Banking and Non-Banking Financial Services SAP ERP/ Other ERPs
  • Invoice Processing
  • New customer on-boarding
  • Document check for old customer
  • Transaction monitoring for anti money laundering process
  • Commissions process
Manufacturing SAP ERP
  • SAP Quality Manager
  • Manage SAP purchasing
  • Manage supplier invoices
  • Manager master data - sales
  • Manage SAP sales
  • Manage shipping
  • Manager billing document
  • Currency exchange rates in SAP
  • Plant maintenance in SAP
  • Manage plant organization structure
  • Manage plant master data in SAP
  • SAP administration
  • Month-end activities
Leading RPA consultants

One of our RPA Success Stories

Read how we implemented IQ BOT to automate the vendor invoice business process. We not only delivered faster and more efficient invoice processing, but also a reduced payment cycle duration within a 3-month timeframe, using just 5 team members for execution. The results were: a 90% reduction in manual work and a 40% increase in efficiency. Not to mention a 100% reduction in errors.

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Think of any business processes you would like to automate?

Reach out to us with any use case for RPA and we’ll build a bot that can make a positive difference!