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Challenges of companies in getting actionable insights

There's no doubt that analytics can help companies acquire and retain customers, improve financial performance, and generate revenue. However, there are certain challenges in implementing it and getting actionable insights.

Lack of data strategy

Lack of data strategy

A well-defined data strategy is like a map that guides the company towards successful implementation. It is especially beneficial when companies scale their business because it helps them focus on their business goals and align the data strategy to those goals. However, most companies struggle to build a clear strategy. This stops them from unlocking the full potential of data and using it to drive business value.

Lack of skilled resources

Lack of skilled resources

Data analytics is a combination of arts and science. Arts because you need the data to tell you a story (the story could be new opportunities or customer pain points), and science because you need to know advanced mathematics, statistics, and technology to gain actionable insights from data. Unfortunately, companies face a tough time finding multi-faceted skilled resources. This makes it hard for companies to extract the full potential of analytics.

Data silos

Data silos

Companies have been generating a lot of data. While that spells good news, companies face difficulties in determining what data to use and how to integrate it from various sources to provide a single source of truth for decision-makers.

Gap between gaining insights and making decisions

Gap between gaining insights and making decisions

Even if you use the most sophisticated tools and practices to implement analytics, you cannot progress much unless you know how to use the insights to transform business operations daily.

How Can We Help You Overcome These Challenges?

Sapours delivers innovative technology and quality services that help companies in their digital transformation journey. As a leading partner in digital transformation, we have first-hand witnessed the challenges faced by companies in getting actionable insights. Our team of visualization experts can build custom dashboards that provide real-time and accurate insights to help your company make quick business decisions and improve outcomes.

Here's a sneak peek of the type of dashboards we can build for companies:


Sales dashboard

● Leverage the interactive and dynamic sales dashboard to make accurate sales predictions and a robust sales pipeline.
● Identify the key drivers for your sales and focus efforts on improving them.
● Get an in-depth analysis of sales made every quarter and specifically through different channels, country-wise and region-wise.


Inventory Dashboard

● Gain real-time visibility into your inventory with a focus on cash flow and profitability.
● Equip your CXOs with the tools they need to optimize order management effortlessly.
● Filter, sort, and tailor views product-wise or location-wise for a personalized experience.
● Get insights on available inventory and out-of-stock items and make data-driven decisions to update the inventory.


COGM Dashboard

● Gain rich insights on the Cost of Goods Manufactured (COGM) and Contribution/Gross Margin data for product groups, materials, plants, divisions, and more.
● Identify the contribution earned from top customers and best-selling materials to calculate profitability and manage risks.
● Share updated insights with management and other stakeholders to improve production efficiency and profitability.


Purchase Dashboard

● Compare and analyze current purchases with previous ones.
● Analyze the company-wide procurement spending based on suppliers, plant-wise and material-wise.
● Track invoices and payments.


Finance Dashboard

● Enable your CFO to manage cash flows, receivables, and payables.
● Provide real-time insights on current cash and bank position.
● Track customer collection and vendor payments.


Exception KPI Dashboard

● Provides the CFO with information on transactions of an unusual nature in the system of records.
● Identifies revenue leakages and cost over-runs.
● Detects process inefficiencies like delays in Gr to invoice processing or PR to PO conversion.


Opportunity to billing tracker Dashboard

● Provides the CFO with a complete overview of business opportunities, conversions, and backlogs in a single dashboard.
● Provides detailed information on total opportunities, orders booked, completed, and pending billing.
● Calculates Win/Loss Ratio accurately.

These are a few examples of the dashboards we have built for our clients. Our team of visualization experts leverages Power Apps to create intuitive and interactive dashboards for our clients. From ratio analysis to balance scorecards, performance KPIs to revenue leakages – these experts have helped several CXOs realize their dreams of data-driven decision-making with a single click!

Here's How Our Clients Benefitted from Our Analytics Solutions

A food processing giant expanded their business with analytics

A leading food processing company wanted to expand its dine-in restaurants and retail outlets in several parts of the country by 2024. They wanted to create an ecosystem to simplify and streamline their various operations. We implemented technologies like Fiori Apps and SAP S/4 HANA to help the client simplify operations and focus on business expansion. The client is on the path to achieving this target.

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Why Should You Invest in Data Analytics?

64% improvement in efficiency and productivity

64% improvement in efficiency and productivity

Analytics provides insights that help employees:

  • Identify challenges that stop them from being productive.
  • Design solutions to overcome them.
  • Make changes to existing processes and test them to gauge effectiveness.
  • Make continuous improvements to increase efficiency.

56% enhancement in decision-making

56% enhancement in decision-making

With Analytics, you can:

  • Eliminate all the guesswork and get precise and accurate insights about the market, customers, and health of your business.
  • Identify customer patterns and market trends and adapt business strategies to meet customer needs.
  • Mitigate risks by detecting potential ones at an early stage and make informed decisions.
  • Stay a step ahead of your competitors by offering what customers want before they get a whiff of it.
  • Predict and plan for unexpected situations.
51% improvement in financial performance

51% improvement in financial performance

Analytics provides detailed insights into your company's financial performance. This can help you:

  • Detect revenue leakage at an early stage and stop it on time to prevent revenue loss.
  • Get a holistic view of account receivables, collections, and payments to manage cash flows.
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities to minimize expenditure.
  • Track total opportunities, orders booked and billed, and the orders pending for billing from a single system.
46% more likelihood of acquiring and retaining customers

46% more likelihood of acquiring and retaining customers

Customers love to engage brands that care about them. Data Analytics can help your marketing and sales team:

  • Understand customer's buying preferences and behavioral patterns and tailor their experience.
  • Segment customers based on various criteria and send personalized campaigns, offers, and communication to build engagement.
  • Identify channels that are most effective in acquiring customers and optimize them to generate more leads.
  • Identify leads that could convert and nurture them to improve sales conversions.
  • Analyze customer feedback and competitors' performances to build customer acquisition strategies.
  • Identify and engage with customers who are likely to churn.
19% more profitable

19% more profitable

Companies that invest in data analytics have a better competitive advantage because:

  • They identify opportunities to increase sales, acquire and retain customers, and generate revenue.
  • They detect fraud, cost over-runs, revenue leakage early and prevent losses before it's too late
  • They spot trends before others and innovate to meet customer's expectations.
  • They can personalize experiences and delight customers at every stage of the customer journey.

Why Trust Sapours?

  • Domain Experts

    ~ Every individual working with Sapours comes with deep knowledge of different technologies and years of experience in building digital solutions for companies across different industries. We have over eight years of experience in digitally transforming companies across various industries. We understand business needs and combine our expertise and experience to deliver value to our clients.

  • ~ Our technologists have gained expertise in working with technologies like SAP, Salesforce, Power BI, and Microsoft Azure to develop complex digital solutions for customers.

  • ~ We constantly update ourselves with knowledge of various systems and integrations that help us build robust digital solutions for our customers.

  • ~ We have a proven track record of building CXO dashboards that have helped clients reduce 70% of their manual work or improve their operations. No matter what your business objective is, our team will help you achieve it.


Over the years, we have forged strong partnerships with companies like SAP, Salesforce, and Power BI to build top-notch solutions for our clients and guide them throughout the digital transformation process.