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SAP management service in public sector

Sapours ProGov – a G2C accelerator helping government agencies better manage citizens’ needs

Service management requirements in the public sector are very specific and unique – Sapours supports these with a customized accelerator for SAP Commerce use cases.

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Getting administrative work completed in government or public sector offices is one of the least favorite tasks that any citizen wants to perform! In the UAE, expats form a large majority of the population and administrative paperwork in government agencies needs to be completed by any expat family moving in or out of the country. This creates a large volume of service requests for federal government departments and related agencies.

SAP implementation in public-government sector

A citizen’s services portal, based on SAP Commerce, successfully implemented for several Federal Government agencies in the UAE

SAP maintenance services for public-government sector

Given this scenario, Sapours was tasked with the objective of building a single portal website for creating, tracking, monitoring all types of service requests of citizens across several government departments. Payments would also be accepted through this portal and the progress status would be communicated back to citizens through mobile alert notifications.

B2C SAP public sector solutions

Our team built and implemented a customized solution, based on SAP Commerce by re-engineering existing B2C accelerators to suit public use requirements, which are very specific and unique.


Customized, responsive site for citizens to interact with several different government entities through a single interface

Smart Pass integrated to provide a single sign-on system

Service request dashboard that allows citizens to raise requests related to various departments or agencies

Real-time service request status change notifications can be sent to citizens for a better customer experience

Real-time integration with SAP CRM System to create, update and view service requests

Provision to create multiple surveys which can be published on the portal through Hybris Marketing, in order to keep a finger on the pulse of citizens and provide sentiment analysis for making further improvements to the system


Take a look at a typical Sapours ProGov implementation:

Personalize SAP experience for public-government sector
Sapours ProGov can be deployed quickly and efficiently in any large volume telecom, public sector or utility services use case, where service request management needs are diverse, sources of requests are disparate. and where the progress and status of requests needs to be accessed easily and communicated in real-time.

If you’re looking to build service management portals with smart integrations to backend CRM systems and SAP Commerce billing systems, you’ve come to the right place.