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Headless commerce

Sapours rolls out headless commerce capabilities, based on the SAP Spartacus framework

Sapours RetailCX is a customized solution to simplify and speed up deployment of a modern e-storefront for your retail or F&B business

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The Retail and F&B industry is highly cost-sensitive and requires a fast time-to-market due to the ever-changing nature of customer preferences as well as the highly competitive industry landscape.

Commerce storefront with SAP Spartacus

Sapours RetailCX is a PWA and Spartacus-based framework designed to suit Retail and F&B businesses

Personalized ecommerce experience

We developed a customized solution to accelerate the pace of development and deployment of SAP Commerce implementations for retail and F&B. RetailCX is based on SAP Spartacus and relies on headless commerce capabilities to deliver PWA quickly and also facilitates quicker and easier daily updates to maintain better business agility.

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The headless architecture provides more design flexibility to retailers to showcase the front-end of the store as required by their brand or customer preferences and enables them to deliver a seamless, unified experience to the end-customer.


Based on SAP Spartacus, allowing headless commerce capabilities

AngularJS-based storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud

Real-time status availability of order status, inventory stock, payment status

Dynamic menu pricing facility for F&B specific websites and apps

Customized menus and combos for F&B: Build your own combos and menus based on the options available

Process simplification: Dynamic consumer path to purchase

Extensible architecture with custom UI

SAP retails software solutions


Take a look at a typical Sapours RetailCX implementation:

SAP commerce capabilities for retail and F&B industry
RetailCX helps businesses get their SAP Commerce store live faster and save on development and implementation costs too. It also allows retailers to better control the front-end layer of their storefront. RetailCX supports the strategic business objectives of retail and F&B store owners and delivers faster time-to-value.

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