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Building a seamless, unified, digital sales experience, using the world’s most popular CRM

Salesforce consulting partners

As a Salesforce Partner, we help organizations use CRM to boost team productivity, close sales faster, work smarter, and take better decisions.

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Lightening: A force to reckon with!

Salesforce strategy

At Sapours, our experience with clients has been that the new Salesforce 2.0 or Lightning is the need of the hour for service organizations. When customers share information via multiple touchpoints such as phone, printed forms or social media, they are expecting an integrated response to their engagements.
Salesforce customer engagement
A recent survey by Salesforce showed that sales reps spend a mere 34% of their working time on 'selling' - the rest is spent on administrative tasks which can easily be automated. Unless enterprises connect their systems of records to systems of engagement, they will not be successful in delivering a connected customer experience.
  • This is still a major challenge for more that 50% of service organizations as they have not integrated, real-time view available for easy access across their sales, service and marketing teams
  • With recent innovations like the AI-powered Salesforce Einstein, we can help managers unveil insights in business data, better predict outcomes of actions and recommend next steps.
  • With the Salesforce mobile app, we can enable sales reps with fast, easy access to complete customer engagement records online, offline, or via mobile devices.

alesforce mobile app

Sapours helps businesses provide an integrated, real-time view of the customer to sales, marketing, and support teams

Salesforce consulting companies

Salesforce Partner
As a Salesforce Partner, Sapours has teams of the highest caliber to offer Salesforce strategy, consulting and implementation services. Our teams have diverse domain expertise which enables us to understand the unique requirements of your business and deliver a highly customized and scalable CRM solution that will bring you the best business outcomes.
Salesforce implementation services
Read how we helped a large manufacturing and Field Service Management (FSM) company enhance their customer service by automating request management processes and enabling auto assignment of service technicians to appointments. Find out how our solution leveraged the Field Service Lightning app to track geolocation of service vehicles and optimally manage service technician team availability.

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Salesforce Sales and Marketing cloud
Read how we helped an aluminum products manufacturing company optimize their sales processes and make lead management effective through the sales and marketing cycles. Our team implemented and configured out-of-the-box the Salesforce Sales and Marketing cloud to automatically prioritize and route leads based on content recommendations for marketing.

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Learn how we can help you boost sales productivity, improve team collaboration across the organization, and engage more meaningfully with your customers.

Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The most in-demand CRM that can help regulate sales activity from the smallest task level to the larger picture in terms of business outcomes.

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Automates marketing workflows and provides customer engagement tracking and analytics. Enables Social Media integration.

Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Enables cloud-based ecommerce services with high degree of personalization to improve engagement.

Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

Single source view of customer relationship records, tickect, issue resolution and after-sales support.

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