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SAP (Hybris) e-commerce, SAP Fiori and SAP FMS implementation at Rockport

The challenge

Rockport is a multi-brand player in the fashion industry based in the US and Canada. Rockport needed a robust and simplified UI to give its internal and external stakeholders a better user experience. They also wanted to empower the sales team on the ground to place orders on behalf of customers and provide a unified buying experience to customers across different geographies. They wanted to further add value to their customers’ shopping experience by building a virtual showroom with the functionality to view and book upcoming season’s designs.

The Solution

Sapours adopted a ‘Big Bang’ approach that mapped the requirements for the company’s operations across the USA and Canada. Interoperability between systems and a 360-degree experience across the platform was achieved using extended integration between SAP Hybris and SAP FMS using data hub accelerator for migration. Integration between SAP Hybris and Open Text for Digital Asset Management, SAP Hybris and PLM system for product data enrichment, along with supporting systems like ERP, CRM, payment gateways, and POS.

Our solution helped Rockport to transform customer experience leveraging SAP Hybris in association with FMS. We improved CX by leveraging Hybris v6.00, powered by a HANA DB platform. Some of the key objectives which we achieved during the 8-month long execution program were as follows:

  • Enabled key functions for AOM (Asynchronous Order Management) in an end-to-end manner
  • Rolled out retail pack OAA and the ASM (Assisted Sales Module) workflow was enabled for the company’s sales team

The benefits

Some of the strategic benefits the customer derived were as follows:

  • Robust and unified buying UI implemented across all geographies for the sales team and customers, thus enhancing CX significantly
  • Virtual showroom pages were enabled, providing customers across multiple geographies with a single interface to view and book upcoming the season’s designs across various brands
  • Real-time customer feedback and inventory status were enabled
  • Personalized views were made available for customers and sales teams


And so, the story goes on…

  • Our association with Rockport doesn’t end there… This was a relationship that extended to a comprehensive range of projects including upgrades, migration and support services, and eCommerce rollouts for multiple brands - making us true digital transformation partners to Rockport.
  • Sapours leveraged its extensive experience in SAP application stack to help migrate Rockport from SAP Hybris B2B Version 6.0 to Version 1808 and apply version patches for stack components like virtual showroom sites and S/4 HANA.
  • This migration was efficiently executed by our team in a record period of 2 weeks by creating, adopting, and deploying a fashion industry-specific accelerator that helped in quick planning, deployment, and testing during the cut-over process.
  • We supported an exhaustive stack of SAP applications for Rockport - SAP ECC Applications for SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP FICO, SAP Basis, SAP FIORI, EDI, Security, BODS, SAP ABAP, Commerce, DevOps, Hybris Marketing. This included integration support during India business hours across multiple geographies like Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • Dedicated on-call support was provided for the applications during off business hours across multiple countries in different time zones i.e. USA, Canada, Europe, JAPAN, Korea and India.
  • We managed external stakeholders through best practices such as seamless interaction and coordination with other vendors like IBM (Hosting), RMJ (Redwood), POS (Point of Sales, APTOS and WebTOS) and banks (bank interfaces), and worked seamlessly to transition from the earlier vendor using Sapours proven transition methodology.

As you can see, Sapours rendered value-added services for Rockport while ensuring continuity and effectiveness of all operational processes.