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About The Client

The client is a leading producer of customized polymers for various industries with a state-of-the-art plant in India. This plant is one of the world’s largest single sites for manufacturing lamination adhesives. They also produce laminating adhesives for flexible packaging.

The company has its warehouses in eight locations in India and has a distributor network in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to improve their existing visit management process and automate business development capabilities to manage new leads and opportunities more efficiently. They also wanted a solution to address customer complaints quickly and capture their feedback effectively.

Here are a few changes they wanted to make to their existing processes:

  • Streamline the customer creation process: The client wanted to streamline their existing customer creation process to make it more efficient.
  • Automate the business development functionality: Since business development is critical to business growth, the client wanted to automate a few repetitive tasks and allow the business development team to focus on more high-value tasks like closing sales deals faster.
  • Define the visit management process: The client wanted to streamline the visit management process to track customer visits more efficiently and use those insights to improve lead and opportunity management.
  • Improve customer redressal process: The client wanted an effective solution that could help the customer service team to close the customer complaints faster and meet customer expectations.

The Sapours Solution

To implement these plans, the client got in touch with Sapours.

Since we had already helped the client with ERP implementation, they gave us the responsibility to streamline their sales and customer service processes. We helped them implement the following Salesforce solutions to achieve the desired objectives:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Lead Management

    We implemented the lead management functionality to track the entire journey from lead capture to closing deals. It enabled the client to evaluate the effectiveness of their sales and marketing campaigns, automate lead scoring, and increase the chances of converting leads into opportunities.

  • Opportunity Management

    We implemented Salesforce’s opportunity management functionality to help the client gain more visibility into their sales pipeline, identify opportunities, and improve the existing business development process to increase sales.

  • Customer Visit Tracking

    We configured the customer visit feature to help the sales team log and track customer visits without hassle.

  • Salesforce Case Management

    We configured Salesforce’s case management feature to ensure that the customer service team had access to a centralized platform that provides all the information related to the customer’s complaints and queries. This enabled them to quickly track, monitor, and resolve customer complaints without switching between multiple applications.

  • Sales Forecasting

    We ensured the client had access to the latest customer and sales data to predict sales, set targets for the team, and track progress from a single platform. This helped the client make accurate forecasts for future quarters and design their sales strategies to achieve them.

These solutions were implemented for the unique business workflows and processes at the client’s end. Besides implementing the above Salesforce solutions, we also provided value-add services like:

  • Generating reports and interactive dashboards for visualizing data
  • Integrating Salesforce solutions with Gmail to capture the leads and customer details in a unified system
  • Building a Salesforce mobile app to facilitate the sales team to close deals from anywhere using a mobile phone


Here are a few improvements our client witnessed post-implementation:

  • Increase in efficiency: The automated workflows and processes enabled the sales and customer service teams to work more efficiently.
  • 360-degree view of customer: The intuitive and interactive interface of these solutions, reports, and the mobile app provided a 360-degree view of the customer information from a centralized platform. The best part was it did not involve a steep learning curve.
  • More productivity: The Salesforce mobile app allowed the sales team to close deals faster from anywhere, thus improving their productivity.
  • Reduced manual work: The automation helped reduce manual work and errors and allowed the sales and customer service teams to focus on more high-value tasks to grow the business.

If you want to boost your sales team productivity, close sales faster, work smarter, and make better decisions, Salesforce is the solution for you. Get the most out of your Salesforce investments with the Sapours team of domain experts and certified Salesforce experts.