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About The Client

The client is a German-based leisure and tourism company serving 21 million customers in 180 regions. Their strong network comprises 1,200 travel agencies, leading online portals, five airlines with 130 aircraft, over 400 hotels, 16 cruise liners, and many incoming agencies in significant global holiday destinations.

Business Need

As a leading tourism agency, the client recognizes the importance of seamless customer experience across all touchpoints. But the client faced some challenges in providing that because of multiple aspects -

  • The client’s service agents usually provide services while they are offline as well. Especially for resorts in remote locations with weak internet connectivity or for serving the customers on Cruises or airplanes, the information was captured offline. It was important to seamlessly sync up with the centralized online information.
  • To get a comprehensive customer view, it was important to consolidate information from various sources. This was essential to provide timely customer service and streamline customer service processes.
  • There were duplicate instances of customer data across multiple systems. This made it difficult to make data-driven decisions because there were a lot of discrepancies in customer data. The client wanted a single source of truth.

Since Sapours has strong experience implementing end-to-end SAP solutions, the client decided to onboard our team.


Our team proposed and implemented the following solutions to address the client’s requirements:

  • Offline Capability in Existing C4C System: We included an offline capability to their existing SAP’s C4C. With this feature, service agents could connect to SAP C4C without internet access. The offline capabilities allowed the service agents to capture customer feedback 24/7 and enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Seamless Data Synchronization: We included functionalities allowing agents to synchronize data, create service tickets, and store data offline. We ensured the system automatically uploaded and synchronized the data without losing vital customer information.
  • Enhanced User Interface for Offline Mode: We configured a user-friendly interface for offline mode and implemented system validation and checks to optimize error handling. This ensured smooth operations even in areas with intermittent connectivity.
  • Empowering Agents in Remote Locations: To empower staff working in remote resorts, we enabled C4C on mobile and tablet applications, facilitating smooth complaint registration and customer support without internet connectivity.
  • Easy Access to Customer Data: We centralized customer information, including details, bookings, and complaints, into a single, comprehensive dashboard. This allowed service agents to access all relevant data effortlessly and provide personalized services to customers.
  • Data Enhancement: We integrated the offline capability into the existing C4C system and successfully merged customer data from various sources to create a golden customer record. This helped us improve data accuracy, streamline processes, and provide personalized services to customers.


This was a 1-year consulting project that included an additional four months of implementation. We also provided post-implementation support to ensure smooth, uninterrupted services. Here are a few changes our client witnessed over time.

  • Improved Visibility and Productivity: The introduction of the offline capability empowered service agents to work efficiently even in areas with poor internet connectivity. It improved productivity and customer service.
  • Customized Role-Based Offline Use: Our solution offered role-specific customizations that allowed support staff to serve customers offline in remote regions effectively.
  • Zero Disruption: The implementation seamlessly integrated with the existing processes and layouts, causing zero impact on the client’s operations or business continuity.
  • Optimized Data Synchronization: Our fine-tuned data download rules optimized synchronization times and enhanced the offline experience for service agents.

Our successful implementation of SAP C4C service solution, offline CRM capability, customer data merging, and single customer view helped our client improve customer experience and solidify their position as a customer-centric travel industry leader in the UK/Europe region.